February 07, 2021

Hike 7: Gold Creek Pond

By Linda Hilburn
Hike 7: Gold Creek Pond
Ancestral Lands of the Coast Salish, Yakama Nation, and np̓əšqʷáw̓səxʷ (Wenatchi)
1.2 miles
Sno-Park Pass required in Winter
Gold Creek Pond

We went to Gold Creek Pond shortly after Christmas, so when I asked the kiddo what terrain to hike next, this was requested. It’s a very short, flat, and easy trip in a beautiful setting. There’s lots of room for snow play. It’s definitely worth the trip and a really good trail for kiddos learning to snowshoes or just traveling in the snow. This trail is often very packed, so I strongly advise going on a non-holiday week day before 10 a.m. We packed a cheap sled to play on and it was a real winner, even when he fell out.

Falling out of sled

walking through snowy woods

The parking lot and road to access it is closed during winter so the only available parking is on the street. You must have a sno-park pass and they will ticket you if you don't have one. Both times we’ve been to this location there were people out ticketing vehicles without passes. You’ll have to hike in to the actual trailhead. Just head up the trail and take the first left, you can’t miss it.

Gold Creek Pond

You’ll see the buildings when you get to the parking lot. This trail is a loop so you can go either direction, we approached from the right and I think either route boasts gorgeous views. There are small streams all around and you’ll approach the pond after a few. 

Trail head for Gold Creek Pond

The winter landscape is quiet and ethereal. If you’re lucky enough to have the place to yourself (go early) it’s so magical. 

Gold Creek Pond
There are snowed over bridges to cross, informative plaques with information about the local wildlife, and tiny snow creatures built by other visitors. It's just a really great trail for kids. Even though it's very short, I recommend it on a weekday, but suggest avoiding it on weekends.
Child crossing snowy bridge tiny snowperson
The kiddo gave this hike a 10/10 and has already asked to go again. Guess I should have purchased the seasonal sno-park pass!
child by Gold Creek Pond

For this hike, I chose to donate to the Gold Creek Pond Restoration Project a project of the Kittitas Conservation Trust.  The project was created with the partnership of the Yakama Nation. If you would also like to donate to the restoration of this beautiful area, you can do so here: 


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