My Process



My work is heavily influenced by the beauty of the natural world. When hiking or beach going I take photographs or sketch objects that I find inspirational. Each item is made with love and inspired by the expressive lines and organic shapes we find in nature. I strive to contrast delicate designs with found objects or gemstones to create something you can treasure.

sea glass jewelry

I take great care to source gemstones from U.S. based vendors and lapidary artists. Sea glass pieces are collected by me on various beaches I've lived/travelled to around the world. Any not hand collected by myself or my husband were purchased from authenticated sea glass vendors.  

Beach Glass Beach

Each piece is handcrafted by me in my home studio. I predominately work with silver and copper with the occasional bit of brass. I love to mix precious metals with base metals and find base metals to be a touch of warmth to the cooler sterling silver. I source my metals and materials exclusively from trusted industry experts like Rio Grande, Otto Frei, Halstead, etc. I want to be sure that I can guarantee the quality of the materials used to create each piece.  

Artist at Work